Celebrating life from the past, building a legacy for the future
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Promoting our culture and traditions is a way of showing our patriotism and caring about our past. It’s the only way that we gain hope for the future of our homeland. We wouldn’t become what we are today if not for the foundation that our forefathers and foremothers built—and these are the culture, beliefs, and traditions which they pass on to us. At International Ifugao Cultural Heritage Foundation, Inc., we preserve Ifugao cultural heritage and consider it a way of celebrating the source of life and inspiration from our past.

Our famous and rich cultural heritage is both our pride and responsibility. That is why as advocates, we also celebrate and observe Ifugao rituals and ceremonies, as well as ethnic dances, games, crafts, and more. One of which is the 3-day International Ifugao Ammungan Festival that serves as an outlet for us to express, reenact, observe and celebrate our rich cultural heritage. Every 3 years, proud Ifugaos from all over the world come together (ammung) with the aim to celebrate and showcase to the world our rich cultural heritage.

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