We’re one in preserving Ifugao culture.
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Cultural heritage is something that we inherited from our ancestors and defines who we were in the past. That is why as advocates for protecting the legacy of the past generation, we at International Ifugao Cultural Heritage Foundation, Inc. go the extra mile to help preserve Ifugao culture and traditions. We seek to conserve the historic character that makes our identity in the present by organizing various programs and activities to educate everyone about the relevance and value of Ifugao culture, beliefs, and traditions.

We believe that we only live up to where we are now because of the legacy we have inherited from our forefathers and foremothers. They did everything to preserve it, so that their children, us, would be proud to embrace the identity that makes us who we are today. It’s now our turn to give back to them by preserving the legacy they left to us. If you’re one in our mission, join us, support us, and work with us in our educational advocacy of preserving Ifugao’s cultural heritage. Contact us now to know how you can help.

We Need You!

Please join us, support us, and work with us to make the invisible visible once more. For further questions about how you can help, please contact us.